Lesson's (Single & Multi Day)

Coaching Lessons
One Day Wonders

A Bodyboard Lesson will consist of a 2 hr session with Ryan Hardy or one of our other professional coaches. These lessons are open to all ages and abilities and will be designed with these factors in mind.

The main objective of a lesson is for the rider/s to have as much fun and catch as many waves as possible in a safe environment while acquiring ocean knowledge and learning the best riding techniques from professional bodyboarders.   

Hardy Lesson Rates (2hrs)    

   * Private Individual Lesson- $140

   * Groups of 2-3 $90 p/p

   * Groups of 4-8 $60-$85 p/p

One Day Wonder (Max 4 people)

Book a Multi-Day Lesson and get the below discounts;

  2 Days 15% Discount

  3 Days 20% Discount

  4+ Days- Please inquire for a

       further discount

A One Day Wonder will consist of 2 x 2hr sessions in the water (Or 1 x 4hr) with Ryan and/or our Professional Bodyboard Coaches at a suitable surf break to cater for the ability and requests of the group. The sessions are filmed and will be followed up with Video Analysis coaching and you will also get a copy of the footage with you.  


A one day wonder package is designed for the riders that want to get the most out of their coaching experience. The riders spend valuable time in the water with the coaches for on the spot encouragement and advice which blends well with the post session video analysis reviewing what was practised in the water.

The Hardy Camp video coaching method is definately the most effective way to improve your riding and the more days you can commit to, the further you will push your riding level and your fitness!



   * Wetsuits

   * Fins

   * Bodyboard & Leash

   * Suncream & Wax

   * Transport can be arranged if needed

   * Sticker and Discount pack

Pro One Day Wonder with another Coach 

   * Private Individual $220

   * Groups of 2-4 $170 p/p


Book a Multi-Day package & Save 

  2 Days 15% Discount

  3 Days 20% Discount

  4+ Days- Please inquire for a

       further discount

Ryan Hardy One Day Wonder 

   * Private Individual $320

   * Groups of 2-4 $220 p/p


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